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While many students will benefit from a traditional public school experience, there are students who do not find success within a traditional large academic setting.  

Students who need a smaller academic environment and/or smaller classes with low student/teacher ratios, or those students who need more attentive relationships with teachers, are a good fit at Clark. Clark is also understanding of students who have wrestled with anxiety-based school refusal.  Although Clark is not a “therapeutic” school, the individualized attention and therapeutic environment sets Clark apart from traditional, as well as alternative schools, allowing students to make effective and meaningful progress academically, socially, and emotionally. Clark is flexible as well as structured and academically challenging.  

Students of various abilities, from supported to twice exceptional or gifted, co-exist on a day-to-day basis. They share ideas, classes, extracurriculars, and friendships. The hierarchies and peer-based pecking orders that often exist in other schools do not exist at Clark.  Clark provides students with individualized attention to address students’ unique profiles and to celebrate their differences, in a no bullying atmosphere. 

We strive to work with both the families and district staff to be the best placement for a student. We communicate and collaborate to create a successful experience while meeting the needs of both the district and the family. We have rooms available on our campus for district-provided services the student may need, as well as a flexible schedule, if services can only be provided during the school day. Clark School is not a “766 school”. A student graduating from the 8th grade or 12th grade will receive a Clark School Diploma upon successful completion. If the district needs a student to take the MCAS Tests, Clark will excuse the student from classes to take the test at a school in his or her district. 

2019-2020 TUITION

Standard Tuition

Grades K-3: $11,500

Grades 4-8: $25,300

Grades 9-10: $27,400

Grades 11-12: $27,900

Technology Requirements:

All students in K - 8th grade are required to purchase a personal iPad 4 or higher for school use.

All students in 9th-12th grade are required to purchase a personal iPad 4 or higher or laptop for school use (we recommend one of each for high school students).


Bell Program: $5,000

Annually, in addition to standard tuition

The Clark School Bell Program is a structured, academic support period built into a student’s schedule. This program provides students more time in the school day to work on school assignments in a guided setting. A small group of students will meet with a Bell Program teacher daily to work on academic assignments. Bell Program is offered to students in grades 7-12.


Meet with a LC staff member in small (1-3) group setting

Student takes 3-4 core academic classes (M,W,F)

Student has 2-3 Directed Learning periods (M,W,F)

1 elective course (T, Th)

1 Directed Learning period (T,Th)

1 block per day meeting with Bell Program teacher in small-group setting receiving academic support.

Assignment focus - working on projects, essays, and daily work. More time to work on assignments More student specific curriculum modification. Optional Test/Quiz pull out


Meet with a LC staff member in small (1-3) group setting

Student takes a reduced elective schedule and substitute directed learning time with a learning center professional

Student has 2-3 Directed Learning periods ( T,TH )

Bell-Focus during small group time (1 time per day)

Assignment focus - working on projects, essays, and daily work

Test/Quiz pull out 

Castle Hill Counseling

in addition to standard tuition - please request a quote

Castle Hill has the knowledge to create and implement the clinical ‘road map’ that will address the challenges that you, your family and your child are facing. Castle Hill uses a non-traditional clinical approach that is focused on renewing and strengthening relationships through communication, learning, understanding and a solutions-based approach. Learn more at https://www.castlehillcounseling.com/services

Social Pragmatics 

Clark works with students in the classroom as well as small groups to create and work through their individual profile. Our social pragmatics program has been embedded in Clark’s day to day program for 40 years. Our welcoming environment complements our community and is one of our most celebrated successes.

Reading Specialist Services: ($90/hr available 2- to 3-days a week)

in addition to standard tuition

Your student will work one-on-one with our reading specialist who is certified in Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, LiPS and Lindamood-Bell as well as Clark Schools proprietary reading program

Alternative Transportation: $4,000

Annually, in addition to standard tuition

Clark School currently offers three transportation routes:

  • Salem/Beverly/Swampscott

  • North Andover/Methuen

  • Burlington/Lynnfield/Danvers

Each route stops at one central location per town.

Hosting Outside Services

If your student is currently receiving services, Clark School has the ability to work with outside specialists and providers in order to service our students’ needs, including Speech and Language, OT, and PT. These services can be provided at Clark School or at an off-campus location. 

 Please contact our admissions department or call us at 978-777-4699 ext. 112 with any questions or for more information on any of our additional services.