Clark Performing Arts

While many schools are sadly cutting the arts from their curriculum, Clark students are provided with many opportunities to develop an awareness of their own creative strengths through the visual and performing arts.

Our Performing Arts programs include:

  • High School Honors Performing Arts Workshops

  • Lower School Music & Movement

  • All School Musical Theater

  • METG Middle School Drama Festival

  • METG High School Drama Festival

  • High School Drama Electives

  • Technical Design

  • Dance

The arts are an integral component of the Clark philosophy which emphasizes positive personal values, high achievement and meaningful participation in the community.

 As a part of their graduation credit requirements, High School students can participate in Drama as an elective throughout the year.

 Clark High School also offers a unique and intensive Spring Mini Course where students work diligently for 2 weeks to create a production to present at the Annual METG Drama Fest.

Learn more and sign-up for our ClarkArts Summer Performance Workshop below!