Technology at Clark

  • Every student at Clark (with the exception of A Group) is required to own a computing device and bring it to school each day to do classwork and work collaboratively with teachers and other students.

  • Many students use more than one type of device depending on the task they’re working on. We encourage high school students to find and use the tools that are right for them.

  • All students in K - 8th will also be required to privately purchase any iPad manufactured from 2017 onward.  It is advised that you have an iPad with a minimum 128GB of storage.


High School students are granted more flexibility to choose the computing tools that work best for them. They may use any of the following:

  •  All students in 9th - 12th will also be required to privately purchase any iPad or laptop manufactured from 2017 onward. 

  • It is advised that you have an iPad with a minimum 128GB of storage.

  •   Laptops need to be either a Windows or MAC operating system. 

The school supports the student with additional technology, including:

  • Apple TVs

  • 3D Printers


 Emotional Support

Sometimes students need someone objective to talk to during a difficult time whether it be the blues, stress, anxiety, school refusal, peer issues, or the trials and tribulations of growing up. Therapist and social worker, Matt Doyle, from Castle Hill Counseling, meets with Clark School students on campus to help them through trying times.  Click here to listen to his interview with WBUR's Robin Young about school refusal.



Clark School has partnered with PowerSchool/PowerLearning (formerly Haiku LMS), an online learning management system, which allows students to access information about their classes from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Students log-in daily to view their calendar, homework expectations and grades.

Parent Portal Login for PowerSchool:   



Every full time teacher and staff member at Clark School is Google Educator Certified. Clark students use Google Drive, an internet-accessible server that syncs documents from teachers to students and vice versa. So, as students work on a process paper, it is automatically saved in Drive, in real-time. Teachers can open the document, make suggestions—and just like that, a B becomes an A!



A college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize students success, enhance school counselor productivity and track results for school administrators. Students begin to use Naviance during their junior year.



Hampshire College

Ithaca College

Johnson & Wales University

Keene State College

Lasell College

Lesley University

Lynn University

Maine College of Art

Massachuestts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Massachusetts School of Pharmacology

McGill University


Montserrat College of Art

Mount Allison University

Mount Ida College

New England School of Photography

North Shore Community College

Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts

Pennsylvania State University

Pointe Park University

Roger Williams University

Salem State University

Santa Clara University

Anna Maria College

Becker College

Berklee College of Music

Bennington College

Bridgewater State University

Bryant University

Boston Conservatory

Cal Arts

Carnegie Mellon University

Castleton University

Catholic University

Cazenovia College

Champlain College

Clark University

Colby-Sawyer College

College of the Atlantic

Colorado School of Mines

Columbia College

Curry College

Elizabethtown College

Elmira College

Endicott College

Fisher College

Fitchburg State University


Peter Silverman '14

"The Clark School has personally affected my social and academic life in a thoroughly positive way. When I went to public school the large class sizes and lack of individual attention left me disengaged. However, when I went to the Clark School every day from whence I first shadowed to the day I graduated, my peers and teachers frequently sparked my interest. Courses in subjects that peaked my interest such as Latin and Philosophy were taught in a way that derailed from a standard curriculum in order to  explore students' interests in depth. Those classes in particular have led me to both travel to Rome to study the Aeneid and declare a second major in Classics at the University of Vermont."

Peter returned to give a humorous and motivating commencement speech to our 2017  High School Graduates.

Learn more about Peter and his start-up business!

Majorwise and Packetized Energy Win 2017 LaunchVT

Student StartUp Takes Top Prize at LaunchVT


Martha Frazier '13

"The two years I spent at Clark was when I found myself. The small family like environment allowed my to grow into the optimistic, outgoing individual I am today. The atmosphere of Clark is one of acceptance. I enjoyed going to school everyday because of the wonderful relationships I had made with my fellow students and teachers.  The dedication of the teachers not only to their work but also their students made me work towards a better future. The small class sizes allow for the teachers to individualize and facilitate learning in such a way that made me want to succeed. The individuals at this school had hope for me when I did not and with their support I found confidence. This school promotes independence and prepares you for the future outside of Clark, wherever that may lead. I loved the time I spent at Clark. I am thankful I had the opportunity to attend this school because the love and support I received was what I needed to become the person I had always wanted to be."


Parent Testimonial: Debbie and David Plunkett

"We have two sons, DJ and John Plunkett, who graduated from Clark High School. Every parent wants what is best for their kids and Clark High School was the right school for both of our sons.  We were concerned about the small size of the school and worried that the boys may have trouble transitioning from a small high school to a college or university.  Nothing could have been further from the truth!  Because of the small class size and student to teacher ratio, our sons became immersed in the Clark community and flourished as students both academically and socially. This wasn't the case when they attended larger schools in the past.

 "We noticed immediately a change in our sons when they began at Clark.  We heard comments such as, "I love this school.  We get a lot of work, but the teachers make learning fun."  Another comment that  will always stay in our mind is, "Everyone likes each other and gets along so well.  No one cares if you are into sports, art, theater, whatever, everyone gets along and respects each others interests."  My sons had an incredible high school experience at Clark and have made friendships with their peers and teachers that will last a lifetime.

 "DJ just graduated from the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music with a BFA in Musical Theater.  John is finishing his freshman year at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly.  They will both tell you that Clark High School prepared them very well for college.


Debbie and David Plunkett


DJ Plunkett's Website


Parent Testimonial: 2013 Graduate

  • Is your child struggling with school?

  • Is your family life centered around getting homework done?

  • Is your child fighting for acceptance everywhere they go?

  • You need a new environment for learning….Clark School will give that to you.

  • Your child will learn to  trust again because they will be accepted for who they are & where they are.

  • Your child will be encouraged to learn, not just get the assignment done.

  • Your child will be allowed to learn THEIR way not the cookie cutter way.

Do yourself and your child a big favor…look into Clark School. My child struggled, was sad and angry every day, we were on pins and needles daily. Clark helped him to relax, have fun, be accepted, learn. He’s now in college and enjoying the classes and friends. Clark School prepared him well for college. It was a long road to Clark School but once there, they helped pave a smooth path for my child’s continued education. They are a real, caring, innovative and a tech savvy school with a staff and administration that allows growth and development in a safe environment and welcoming community. The tone of the school is set by the administration and staff, there are rules and regulations but not rigidity. My son used to say that the his public school teachers had two faces, one for the students and one for the parents. At Clark you see just one face, and they are all aimed at helping you and your child succeed. It’s a small school but it gives great big results….TLC goes a long way. I hope to always be a part of Clark School because they will always be a part of me and my family.


Parent Testimonial: Carolyn and George

"Transferring our son from a large high school to the intimate, supportive environment of Clark was the best thing for him.  It changed his life.   The small class size allows for customization of the student’s curriculum.  The outstanding teachers took advantage of our son’s learning style and challenged him to achieve his potential.   We feel very grateful for the Clark teachers’ influence in our son’s life. When you drop your kid off at school each day, there is nothing more important than knowing he will be happy and well supported."


Ben Wickey '14

In 2006, Ben began his education at the Clark school in the middle of 4th grade and continued on to graduate from Clark High School in 2014. He participated in several METG DramaFest productions where he won awards for Excellence in Acting as well as the 2014 Festival design.

 Since his graduation Ben has been studying Animation at CalArts as well as participating in several collaborative projects such as the documentary, The Last Days of Edward Gorey which features several of his short animations. Ben's film The Homecoming based on the Ray Bradbury short story, has been showing in film festivals around the country.  He has been working with actors, including David Frankham, to create his retelling of Nathaniel Hawthorn's, The House of Seven Gables.


In addition to animation, Ben has also dawned the hat as illustrator for the book The Illustrated Vivian Stanshall by Ki Longfellow-Stanshall.


CalArts Animation Reel &  Other Films on Youtube

Animation for Edward Gorey documentary with Moonuusser Films