Grades 4-8

Clark School’s middle school consists of small, multi-age groups allowing us to foster a diverse, nurturing, caring environment for our students. Taking risks is always welcomed and failure is seen as a step toward growth. Our teachers strive to offer exciting and engaging learning opportunities for all students, all while supporting the whole chid. We offer exciting opportunities for students through our outstanding academics, visual and performing arts, technology, physical education, executive functioning and character development.

Clark School challenges students to develop their full academic and social potential. We value diversity and foster every student’s success within a safe environment. Our curriculum supports a student’s ability to think critically, intellectually question theories and principles, and find meaningful connections between what is studied in the classroom and the world around them.


Our classes do not exceed 15 students per class creating an environment for:

Personalized attention

effective group support

encouragement to succeed


Project Based Learning (PBL) is a learner-led, hands-on, two-week-long intensive project that allows students to decide what they want to study and how. Students are given the opportunity to research what they are interested in, in a way that works best for their specific learning style. PBL allows students to feel a sense of ownership and excitement over what they have accomplished, leading to deeper learning.


Students are awarded with 45 minutes of recess every day, and brain breaks are encouraged throughout the day in the form of laps around the building and trips down to the office to pet our school dog, Riley!