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A Message from the Headmaster

Jeffrey Clark, Head of School


Thank you for considering Clark School. 

For 40 years we have provided a unique and individualized program. Each student at Clark is given the opportunity to shine in areas in which he or she is already well-versed, and also to develop greater competence and self-reliance in areas that may pose academic challenges. 

Our goal is to develop a lifelong love of learning within our students and encourage them to think deeply and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. 

As you review the mountain of informational packets you undoubtedly gathered in your search for the right school, I’m sure that you will encounter similar sentiments or catchphrases. We hope to set ourselves apart from the rhetoric with the following statement: at Clark School, we hope your child will make a lot of mistakes. I know this sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but we feel that students truly grow through error and acceptance of the fact that they will indeed make errors throughout their educational journey.

I am a Clark School graduate and I constantly endorse our philosophy. As a parent, I impart some of the same lessons to my children. We want our students—and our children—to learn and push themselves in a safe environment that respects the process of growth and maturation. We look forward to sharing our school and our unique style of instruction with you and your family. 


Jeffrey Clark

Head of School