Welcome to the Clark Athletic Department, where we strive to teach students about the benefit of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  We believe that keeping kids active at school is a superb way to increase learning and focus, and this is reflected in our 45 minutes of daily recess, and fun and physically challenging gym classes.

 Through running, rowing, squats, and push-ups we use whole body exercises to help keep ourselves fit and healthy.  We play large group games to foster teamwork and sportsmanship; we place significant value on encouragement as well as team success.  We embrace the outdoor environment that surrounds our school, and try to keep classes outside as much as possible; we also have our own small indoor space filled with sturdy equipment to keep students busy!

After school we run a host of sports clubs that students are welcome to join, including:

  • Touch Rugby

  • Soccer

  • Cross Country

  • Indoor Rowing

  • Flag Football

These clubs meet once or twice a week to train or play in games against local schools.  Each of these clubs fosters a ‘challenge by choice’ mentality, and our goal is to improve our athletes’ confidence and motivation to succeed.



In September 2015, we were proud to announce that Clark School students would have the opportunity to play competitive interscholastic sports.

As an approved members of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), Clark School student-athletes are eligible to try out for athletic teams offered by Triton Regional High School and Georgetown High School.