Ipswich & Rowley Community Scholarship

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Additional Program Offers Discount For Students In Grades 4-12

ROWLEY, Mass. (May 8, 2019) – Clark School, a private independent school founded in

1978 to provide a unique and individualized approach to education, announces a free tuition

program exclusively available for children living in Rowley and Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Clark School provides a customized learning approach that embraces innovation. Parents,

teachers, and students are jointly accountable in ensuring student success while fostering an

empathetic community. Clark School cultivates resilient and compassionate problem solvers,

while recognizing that success takes many forms.

“Since moving to Rowley in 2014 the towns of Rowley and Ipswich have been extremely

welcoming,” said Jeff Clark, Head of School. “We are now in a position to show our

appreciation to the community by offering free tuition for four students in Grades K or 1 and free

tuition for four students in Grades 2 or 3.”

The free tuition offer is only available to children living in Rowley or Ipswich. Students must be

new to Clark School and complete the standard admission process to be eligible for enrollment.

Accepted students may reapply for the program each year through 3rd grade provided they still

live in Rowley or Ipswich and are successfully meeting school requirements. K-3 students will qualify each year for the scholarship, as long as they continue to meet the scholarship requirements.

In addition, Clark School will offer a $10,000 tuition discount for students in grades 4 through 12

who live in Rowley or Ipswich. Like the free tuition program, once students are accepted they

will be eligible for the program every year, provided they still reside in Rowley or Ipswich and

are successfully meeting school requirements.

An activity fee of $1,500 is required each year for all grades and technology requirements apply,

which families are responsible for paying.

For complete details and an application, go to our Admissions Process Page. Or fill out our Digital Application Form.

About Clark School

Clark School in Rowley, Massachusetts has provided a unique and individualized approach to

education since it was founded in 1978. The private, independent school, which offers education

from Kindergarten through grade 12, provides students with the opportunity to shine in areas in

which he or she is already well-versed while also developing greater competence and self-reliance in

areas that may pose academic challenges.