Our Mission

At the Clark School, we provide a customized learning approach that embraces innovation.  Parents, teachers, and students are jointly accountable in ensuring student success while fostering an empathetic community. The Clark School cultivates resilient, compassionate problem solvers, while recognizing that success takes many forms.


Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Tools for Sucess

Tools for Sucess



A 21st Century School

Founded in 1978, Clark School is particularly appropriate for all types of students. Clark is unique in that we welcome students who demonstrate high intellectual, creative or leadership abilities, have learning differences, or are looking for a 21st Century learning experience. We offer an individualized approach to education, with a focus in executive functioning, where students are given the resources they need to succeed inside and out of the classroom. Technology plays a key role in our curriculum. We equip students with the tools they need to explore, engage and experiment in the latest technical modalities. At Clark, students are given the opportunity to shine in areas in which they already well-versed, while developing greater competence and self-reliance in areas that may pose academic challenges.  Clark school offers year-round rolling admissions, so you can start on a new educational path today, in a school that better fits who you are as a learner and person!



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