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Lower School Drama
High School Drama

Drama is offered as a part of our yearly curriculum for both Lower School and High School students.


Students may also take part in shows that are presented in the Spring. Emphasis is placed on working together while running a professional production schedule. Students may participate at either the

performance or technical levels.

2015 The Bridge Party

2015 HS production of The Bridge Partner


Art at Clark focuses on students developing an individual, local and global understanding of art. Students work on finding their own individual artistic voice, learning techniques in all mediums, including: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and digital photography. Each student works on expanding skills and improving their art foundation. Our program introduces a variety of different cultures, art practices and artists throughout history.


At Clark School, Art is not only a vehicle for personal growth and creative expression, but a way for students to have a larger understanding of where the arts fit within their own space, community, and culture.

Clark alumni have been accepted to prestigious Art Schools around the country.


Elementary School

Students focus on singing, playing and movement

within their music classes.


Middle School

Students explore musical theatre and live performance.


High School

Students augment their musical education through cross-curricular connections to history, science,

social studies and cultures.

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